Koshik Raj Blockchain Author and Entrepreneur

Me in Tech

Hello there, not to boast, but I'am clear logical thinker. I design algorithms for every problem in my life unknowingly. I like to solve lot of puzzles (Yeah! I'am a speed cuber as well) and learn new technologies.


Iam a clean coder and a strict follower of proper development practices. I automate whatever possible to ensure best development results


Fell in love with programming when I first coded in C. Although I never said no to any programming language, I prefer programming in python for my hobby projects

Platform and Tools

Call me old fashioned bt I don't use any editor other than Vim. In relationship with Ubuntu since 9 years (Still going good):P. Huge fan of IntelliJ IDE (I can argue with any sublime, VS code fans out there :D)

Skills and Interests


Being a programming enthusiast, learning new technologies and trying to implement it to simplify life is my hobby. Although every technological concepts excites me, I have special interest in few topics.

  • Computer networks
  • Information Security & Cryptography
  • Discrete mathematics & Graph theory
  • Algorithm analyisis & Clean programming
After completing my bachelors in computer science, I went on to complete my masters in information Security due to my passion in computer security. Bitcoin got my attention due to its implementation to achieve decentralized money. Involved in cryptocurrency trading initially. Soon gained interest in the the cryptocurrency and the underlying technology and spent most of the time exploring this technology. Currently I'm exploring blockchain technology and authored a book titled Foundations of Blockchain.

Professional life


  • I started working for a security firm during and after completing my masters. I worked closely in the DevOps team for over a year there. RSA gave me a lot of exposure to the security industry.
  • Later, I started working as a senior software engineer in a startup called CoWrks where I gained a lot of exposure as a fullstack developer and managing the team.
  • After CoWrks, I devoted full time to research on blockchain and write book after taking break from professional life.
  • I founded a company called Consenso Labs which is a blockchain research lab focused on solving real world problems with decentralization.


Speaker in me


Speaker in me

I actively speak at blockchain meetups and conferences to inspire young minds. Actively involved with a few organizations.

Checkout out my speaker profile .

My little experiments


I contribute to open source during my leisure time. I work on projects related to networking, decentralization and automation. Check out few of my hosted projects here.

Other side me


  • I try to speed cube during my free time. Currently I solve 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, Mirror cube, Pyraminx and Megaminx. I mostly speed cube 2x2 and 3x3. My PR is 18 seconds in 3x3 and 7 in 2x2.
  • As a science fiction appreciator, I watch a lot of science fiction and drama movies and TV series during my leisure time.
  • Being an avid Painting enthusiast, won most of the drawing competitions held in schools and taluks.
  • Owing to consistent participation in IT quizzing and interest in blogging, developed a blog which primarily manifests current technological developments in the IT sector in terms of questions and answers helping the quizzing aspirants.
  • As a Certfied Ethical Hacker I like to assess vulnerabilities in public servers and web apps.